Mr. Daxx Santee

XBookies is ecstatic to have such an "experienced" player with the expertise of Mr. Daxx Santee joining our staff as chief sports handicapper and all of us at XBookies are convinced he has no peers at College Football, especially the SEC. When it comes to College and Pro OVER/UNDERS (NFL, NBA, College Football & Basketball) and 2nd half bets, we feel he is one of the top sports handicappers in the our valued customers will soon discover. Growing up in Mississippi and being a big fan of Southeastern Conference Sports (as well as a booster) DS has made numerous key contacts with other boosters from all 12 universities. (This is not to suggest any form of impropriety, but to simply state the obvious -- he who has more inside information will have far more educated opinions about those teams, therefore, the EDGE!) So, when it comes to the SEC Conference no one can pick winners better that our own DS.

Daxx first made his mark as a top rated sports handicapper in the early sixties with his uncanny knack for forecasting upsets. Throughout the seventies, he answered the phones for legendary bookmakers from LA, to Miami. While doing so, he developed many valuable contacts that proved to have an amazing ability to predict the outcome of football games. He has maintained close ties with many of those guys and they will be invaluable sources for the upcoming football season. In short, he has been spotting the "right side for over 40 years."

We ask DS about how he approaches handicapping?  His reply, In terms of the various approaches to handicapping, more and more people are using the technical perspective to which I don't subscribe. This means various statistical data such as trends, tendencies, angles, etc. Situational handicapping is another popular method used by many of the industry newcomers. This style also lacks credibility and will only afford you an occasional spot winner. Fundamental handicapping is probably the most prevalent of the three methods because this primarily means personnel match-ups, caliber of talent, team records, standings, etc. etc. Although millions of people will wager on football this season, approximately only 2% will show a profit at the conclusion of the year. In other words, it takes much more than these 3 ways of selecting winners. Anyone suggesting the aforementioned methods of handicapping football will produce winners on a consistent basis is either uninformed, dumb or full of it.

Next we asked him about the rising popularity of Game TOTALS: They simply provide an opportunity for a higher percentage play. Just look in any Vegas sportsbook and you can see the limits on over/under are much lower than any other betting proposition. The books will take virtually any amount on a NFL side but only a limited figure on totals. That fact alone should tell the player that there is value in them thar hills. The guys behind the counter would defend the disparity in limits by saying they just don't get the volume on over/unders that sides present and that's true. But, it's also true that they don't trust their numbers on the totals like they do the sides. In a typical NFL game, the final score will fall somewhere around the closing number on sides. However, the total may be several TD's from the posted number. In a college game, it's even more of a differential. So, simply put, anyone can see there is far more value in playing the over or under as opposed to the side. One could realistically win an over bet by the 2nd quarter and sit back and relax until the final score is posted. Hypothetically speaking, if you're laying wood on a side and enjoying a 3 TD lead in the 2nd quarter, unlike the totals play, it guarantees nothing because there is always the possibility of your team liberally substituting the starters for 2nd and 3rd team players and you'll end up having the trauma of the ole back door cover biting you in the butt! Totals sounding better? Speaking of which, the BEST BET known to mankind is 2nd half wagering and it is still the most misunderstood thing since Bob Dylan lyrics.

So, if you're interested in winners, we will produce them at an amazing rate.  However, if you prefer a long line of B.S. about how a capper wins 80% of his plays, please, go to another site.